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This is why I'm usually invisible on AIM.

A bit of backstory: this person is referencing an extremely weird comic commission I got from Maneating Kangaroo. It involves incestuous pregnancy, parasitic hentai bugs, urethral penetration, and more. It's in my gift/commission account (Teogifts) on FA, if you're truly interested in that sort of thing. By not providing a link but telling you exactly where to find it, I am assuming that only the people who actually want to see it will. It's pretty extreme, so precautions like that need to be taken. As for the log itself, editor's notes and captions and commentary and such are provided in [italicized brackets].

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Log from January of 2009

This is a bit of a cautionary tale involving getting into a scene with a partner that doesn't practice Full Disclosure of everything that's going to happen during the scene. Also, someone that takes liberties with permissions and the dangers of not being PERFECTLY CLEAR with your limits and desires. Also, it's pretty funny.

Note: My character Karloff is long since deleted. The other two names have been left as a warning. This takes place on ShangrilaMUSH.

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Bonus: Overheard tonight when someone walked in to the Esclave on Taps:

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Bad Sex Awards - 2008

Yeah, I missed posting it earlier this year. Perhaps I'll catch the next ones as they come out.

Last year's winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction award was Rachel Johnson, while John Updike received the Lifetime Achievement award.

Last years Short List and excerpts found Here.

While these are undoubtedly miles ahead of any of the worst you'd get on MU*s or SL, these people get paid for their work. And these are supposed to be serious books.
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Oh my God, all I was trying to do was be on Tapestries in the hopes that I could get cyber-laid. I swear I didn't say or do anything that I would have expected to send the signal that it's okay to whisper me about how you OOC have a pet lion and tigress IRL and probably fuck them.



Edit: Went from that to a guy who, before we started, wanted me to clarify/explain some of the terms he found in various places in my wixxx: masochist, foot fetish, vanilla, breath control, c&bt, and snuff. I will admit that some of them can be fairly obscure terms if someone hasn't familiarized you with them yet, and I'm happy to answer even what I would have thought would be the self-explanatory ones (I was very polite in my response and everything,) but...how do you not know what a foot fetish is? It's a fetish for feet. Or do you not know what a fetish is, despite the fact that this is Tapestries?

SecondLife: Humans vs. Furries

Recently I've been yiffing a lot in the SecondLife sim that, everyone that plays it, knows as CARP. I must say from what I've learned since I 1st joined it, even if you're not a furry, better stick to yiffing furries because the humans are lousy RPers! They talk Out of Character without indicating it a lot, keep their dialogue seperate from their RP, I mean Good God! I played Furcadia for 9 years before I joined SL and have never seen RP this bad!!! Furries on the other hand, just like in any of Furcadia's better maps, KNOW HOW TO FUCKING ROLEPLAY generally giving you 5 or more lines per post and not once breaking the ethics of how to post! It's places like these that make me very proud to be a furry!

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Ugh.. well.. it happened. Bad yiff.. ugh, I need to pry myself away from it somehow. More later. For now, let's just say someone who barely puts in effort, and wants a lot of sexin's.. now how to bow out of this gracefully without coming off as a total ass...
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Unusual approach

Hanging out on Tapestries like I usually do. I'm Sara...why do all the weird ones approach when I'm Sara? It's not like I use her exclusively, but it does seem like 100% of the stories I post here are from when I happen to be her.

Anyway, here we have an incredibly strange and forward approach and leaving less than fifteen seconds after making said approach, at the same time! I'm just going to copy/paste what happened, and I swear to you that there is no missing context this scene is lacking. The very first line was the very first thing he said to me. I was lurking and minding my own business before this. This is the scene in its 100% entirety. Really.

B whispers, "You look really nice, your muzzle is sexy, and your plantigrade feet please my bruin side, and your head looks nice and your belly firm and your tail wide enough" to you.
B whispers, "But I have to leave... Sorry." to you.
B heads back upstairs to the Main Entry.

(Failed attempt to reply after he already left:)
w b=:blinks a few times, caught more than a little off-guard by the rather forward nature of your approach. "Goodness. Um... thank you?"
I don't see the player named "b" here.

I think Sara must be old-fashioned or something, but she swears this wasn't how people courted each other back in her day!