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Celine Kalante

Not horrific...just boring.

I was in my usual hangout today, looking for tail as I always do, and apparently attracted the attention of a foot fetishist. Now, keep in mind, that's not bad in and of itself. In fact, it's normally good--I have that particular interest myself. However, what ensued was something so monumentally boring that I'm having trouble describing it. It's the kind of scene I'd think about if I had a stubborn erection I needed to go down because relatives are about to visit, or something.

Even his name was boring, but unfortunately, I can't really reproduce it here. I'm going to change it to "Coffee," because it sort of kind of seems related in a "six degrees" sort of way, and because it's a tremendous improvement.

Coffee whispers, "Coffee peers at you." to you.
- Oh, that's a good sign. With an introduction like that, why is he wasting time on Tapestries when he could be writing the Great American Novel?

You whisper, "Kjorteo smiles, returning the stare. "Hello, there."" to Coffee.
- My equally awe-inspiring reply. Hey, you get out what you put in.

Coffee whispers, "Coffee ears flick at you! The other husky guy slinks down, and leans over. Simply dabbing his snout down atop of a foot. Merely a suggestion, "Hello!" he replies. Looking rather strange and enthusiastic down there." to you.
- Well, someone's right to the point.

You whisper, "Kjorteo grins, not saying anything about the seeming enthusiasm...he just lets you continue, seemingly out of curiosity as to where this is going. He's definitely not stopping you, at least." to Coffee.
- You can tell I'm all over this guy.

Coffee whispers, "Coffee earflicks quietly. He squints at you, that tail of his curling some and flicking. With that he presses his snout more firmly to just above the toes, you can feel a slight rush of air as he inhales. That snout drags about the side, and nudges into the arch. His snout seemingly trying to pry and scoop up beneath some." to you.

You whisper, "Kjorteo raises a brow, tilting his head a little. Eager, are we? Not that he seems to mind... he doesn't seem to be taking too active a role for now, but he does raise that foot a little to grant you further access to whatever you felt like doing." to Coffee.

- Oh yeah, I am totally throwing myself at him and everything.

Coffee whispers, "Coffee ears flick some. Squinting up at you again, ears flicking away. Tilting his head over to the side he scoops that damp snout of his up beneath that foot of yours. You can feel that air rushing away again, and he presses that snout in. A nice cool damp snout dab can be felt, a damp trail following as he draws it down slowly." to you.
- I guess that, to his credit, he seems to be padding his posts well enough and everything. This is just...so not catching my interest. Hell, this scene is so boring that I'm having trouble even coming up with any amusing snarks to add to make it interesting here.

You whisper, "Kjorteo leans back in his seat a little, just enjoying the sensations. That feels...very unique, but not bad. Just to be playful, he waits until your snout is under him, and presses his foot back down, applying pressure. Not enough to hurt or be violent, but just enough to be felt." to Coffee.
- Okay, normally, when a scene is going bad, one still writes as though things are going well in-character, right? You could be multitasking with your favorite web browser or something between posts just to keep awake, but your character should still be yelling and screaming and climaxing everywhere and all that good stuff. Look at this scene, though. Can't you just see Teo playing with a Nintendo DS or something above the bar while he sort of half-pays attention to Coffee messing with his feet? When you're getting idle multitasking-at-best interest in the scene itself, that's generally a bad sign.

Coffee whispers, "Coffee earperks, then squints again. He simply keeps his snout down there, getting it pressed down some. Smooth leathery pads splaying over that snout and toes curls over. That sensation changes, and soon enough you can feel warm trails rolling down the arch of your foot. A slightly cool sensation left behind each time, one would guess the other husky guy is licking, and quite a bit too." to you.
- Some of these posts from him are starting to look really familiar, like he's copy/pasting or something. Then again, I'm not really paying attention.

You page-pose, "Kjorteo oohs and giggles a little. That kind of tickles...but it's not unpleasant, so he lets you keep it up. He even moves his other foot to the side of your head, using a toe to idly rub along your cheek." to Coffee
- Oops, I paged instead of whispered. Sorry, I'm kind of on auto-pilot at this point.

Coffee whispers, "Coffee huffs away some, ears tilted back. That foot held about his snout, just pressing gently. That tongue of his sweeps along those pads of yours, leaving the arch of your foot rather damp now. Peering up at you his tail sways some and he just huffs away gently, breathing directly against your foot." to you.
- Another sign that a scene is going bad is when I'm actually seriously tempted to trim parts of it just because nothing happened and I can't think of anything to say to make it any more entertaining after the fact.

You whisper, "Kjorteo looks back down with a playful grin. "Enjoying yourself?" He asks, as he switches feet, moving the one above you to your side and placing his other above you. He seems to hold the new pose with just as much gentle pressure as before." to Coffee.
- Anyone who knows my RP style well enough would sense the bullshit immediately on this one. Things like asking if they're having fun or randomly fidgeting with my position are things I say when I am completely out of anything else to say. That entire post right there is essentially "Shit, I've got nothing, and I need to fill about three lines."

Blah blah blah...I'm actually trimming the rest. I can't believe I'm actually doing that. That's...really kind of sad. There's just nothing there, though! I said this earlier, but with me, you tend to get out what you put in. I had a fantastic scene just yesterday where I repeatedly broke the character limit and kept having to split my posts up to get around it, and I didn't have to introduce questions like "Enjoying yourself?" or fidget with my position or otherwise say anything just to pad the length at all to do that. Buffer-breaking posts full of 100% pure content. Here, I had to come up with generic bullshit that YiffScript could have generated just to limp over the two line mark. :(
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